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Anti-slip studs – in and out in seconds

Anti-slip studs as consumers know them – both removable shoe covers and those integrated into shoes – often restrict your freedom: they are dangerous to use indoors, or indoor use may even be prohibited, so you need to sit down and remove them or flip them over so that they do not touch the floor. ProClaw users can switch the studs on and off in mere seconds:

Made in FinlandCE-merkintä

Safe to use both indoors and outdoors.
Also safe for floors!

Safe on snow and ice. 6+6 hardened stainless steel studs.
Also safe for floors, including parquets!
Thin and comfortable design for both professional and leisure-time use.
Easy to use. Switch the studs on and off – even without hands or having to crouch down.
Unbeatable price-quality ratio.
  • ProClaw-liukueste sivusta.
  • ProClaw-liukueste takaa, nastat esillä.
  • ProClaw-liukuesteen pohja ja kehys.
  • ProClaw-liukuesteen kansi ja vipuosa.


37 €
/pair (incl. VAT 24 %)
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  • Domestic orders: please fill in this form. 5 € postage in Finland for orders under 100 €.
  • Foreign orders: please contact us via [email protected].

ProClaw measuring the heel

ProClaw top cover + switch

ProClaw fastening strap

ProClaw fastening strap black

ProClaw rubberbase/frame

The same one-size base and fastening strap fit all anti-slip devices.

On ice and snow, on stairs and parquet floors

Until now, we have had the option of slip-on anti-skid shoe covers in which the studs cannot be concealed, or heavy and expensive shoes with integrated stud mechanisms.

The result of research-based development

ProClaw is the professional choice for slippery conditions. The idea came from the wish to protect delivery professionals, and determined development has continued since 2014.

Patented construction

The product is patented in Finland, and foreign patents are pending (PCT register, Europe, USA, China).

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