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EU Declaration of Conformity

  1. Personal protective equipment: ProClaw® anti-slip device for footwear ; protection class II
  2. Name and address of manufacturer and authorised representative: Tamkosmo, Ismo Koskinen, Härmälänsaarenkatu 2 A 12, 33900 Tampere, Finland
  3. This Declaration of Conformity was issued under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer.
  4. Object of the declaration: ProClaw® anti-slip device for footwear
  5. The object of the declaration described above in paragraph 4 is in conformity with the relevant Union harmonisation legislation: EU Regulation 2016/425
  6. The notified body FI 0403 performed an EU type examination and provided an EU type examination certificate (SGS Test Report No. 40119T02); standard applied in type examination: SGS TY-043
  7. The conformity of the anti-slip device is assessed by internal production control and occasional supervised product examinations
  8. Additional information: [email protected]
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