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ProClaw combines user-friendliness with functional technology

The user-friendly studs of ProClaw can be easily switched on and off, even without hands. No more removing and re-attaching of non-slip studs, wherever you go.

The durability and maintainability of ProClaw makes them extremely consumer-friendly. You do not have to discard ProClaw due to wear and tear – each of its three components can be replaced. This prolongs the product life cycle considerably, at the end of which its thermoplastic components can be recycled.

  • ProClaw-liukueste sivusta.
  • ProClaw-liukueste takaa, nastat esillä.
  • ProClaw-liukuesteen pohja ja kehys.
  • ProClaw-liukuesteen kansi ja vipuosa.


37 €
/pair (incl. VAT 24 %)
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  • Domestic orders: please fill in this form. 5 € postage in Finland for orders under 100 €.
  • Foreign orders: please contact us via [email protected].

ProClaw measuring the heel

ProClaw top cover + switch

ProClaw fastening strap

ProClaw fastening strap black

ProClaw rubberbase/frame

The same one-size base and fastening strap fit all anti-slip devices.

Manufacturer's instructions

User instructions

  1. Make sure the plastic coverpart attaches properly to the bottom part; see fig. A.
  2. Turn the rear switch to the right (OFF position, square reflector hidden); see fig. B.
  3. Place the heel carefully in the device.
  4. Bring the strap through the eye of the right hand side rubber loop, tighten and secure the velcro.


  1. To shorten or lengthen the strap adjust the loop fixed to the left curve of the device. The adjustable range of the strap is exceptionally wide: 22-40 cm.
  2. If the mechanism feels heavy the strap may be too tight. (See also maintenance/care advice #2 below.)
  3. Move your weight off the heel before switching the studs ON or OFF.

Maintenance and care

  1. To clean the inside of the device pull the plastic rear panel off the rubber casing, crack the device open and rinse with cool water.
  2. If the switch feels unusually stiff add a bead of vaseline or silicone grease inside the rubber casing to reduce friction.
  3. Long-term storage: room temperature or cooler, away from direct sunlight.
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